Everyone's Making Backyard Frog Hotels Out Of Bunnings Gear

*hops to Bunnings*

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If you have some hippity hoppity frogs hangin' around your yard, then why not give them the life of luxury and build them a frog hotel?

Yes, you read that correctly. The hot new trend is buying supplies from Bunnings to create comfortable frog-approved hotels for our lil green friends.

Some frogs are becoming endangered in Australia, so people are doing what they can to give them a fun place to live while keeping them safe. 

Want to see the magic of a frog hotel? Look at this: 

Wanna do it? Of course you do! This is what you're going to need:

  • Safety gear: gloves & goggles
  • Paints for decorating (optional)
  • Sanding bar
  • Hacksaw
  • PVC pipes
  • Gravel
  • Pebbles
  • Tub or bowl to hold your hotel

I just wonder if they can opt for a late checkout...

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Amber Lowther

10 February 2021

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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