Esperance Police issue Winter Warning

Contact police on 9079 8999 or 131 444

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Esperance Police are warning residents to ensure their homes and property are properly secured to avoid falling victim to theft during the winter months.

Thieves often use the darker and cooler winter months to steal from homes, cars, sheds and businesses at night while most people are indoors with the windows shut and curtains drawn. This can usually lead to less calls to police about suspicious activity. 

Esperance Police urge residents to check the condition of their fences and padlocked gates and to ensure items like rubbish bins were not stored against fences, as they are often used as steps for intruders to access properties.

It's also important to check the condition of security lights and ensuring the motion sensors were facing the optimal direction, replacing globes if needed as well as locking all doors to the house, and to double check that vehicles are locked and to never leave valuables in your car.

If you have holiday plans which means you won't be at home for a period of time, set timers on some lights inside to make it appear as if someone is there. Have friends or neighbours bring your bins back up the drive and check your mailbox. Also avoid posting on social media indicating that you'll be away. 

If you notify Esperance Police that you'll be away, they can set up patrols around your home. 

If you see or hear something you believe to be suspicious, contact Esperance Police on 9079 8999 or 131 444.

If it is a life threatening emergency, contact 000.



WA Content Team

21 June 2019

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WA Content Team

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