Esperance Man Claims to Not Remember Shoplifting

Blames being drunk for memory loss

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A 40-year-old Esperance man has claimed to be too drunk to remember shoplifting items from Sports Power Esperance. 

Matthew John Clarke was in the store in April at around 4:50PM when he tried on a pair of sunglasses, which he then pocketed. He then took a bike pump and concealed it and left the store with his partner without making any attempt to pay for the two items. 

The incident was captured on CCTV and even though he didn't recall stealing due to being at the pub for a few hours beforehand, his lawyer had seen the footage and confirmed he was guilty. 

The man was fined $500, charged $205.90 in court costs and ordered to pay $101.99 in reparations to Sports Power Esperance. 

WA Content Team

18 October 2019

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WA Content Team

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