Esperance Girl Selected as Telethon Star

Six-year-old grew up in the town

21 September 2018

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A six-year-old girl who spent her first four years in Esperance has been selected as one of the 2018 Telethon Stars.

Charlotte Meredith who was diagnosed with congenital heart disease during the 27th week of her mother’s pregnancy, is one of two Telethon stars, along with 10 year-old Kaide Stratton. 

Charlotte’s mother Taryn Meredith said the right side of her daughter’s heart was underdeveloped and didn't form properly and there is a blockage between the left and right side. Her condition required at least four surgeries known as the Fontan procedure, which has re-plugged her heart, so the left side of her heart does all of the work for her. Unfortunately, her heart is never going to function correctly and her family doesn't know what the future holds at this stage.

Charlotte attended daycare in Esperance at Lingalonga Childcare Centre from 10 months old until she started Kindergarten at five years old and she then attended one term at Castletown Primary School before her family moved to Perth.

From all reports Charlotte is very excited to be on TV and meet some celebrities and she’s very proud of her scars and willing to show anyone who asks.

Charlotte and her family are honoured to share Charlotte’s story and raise awareness for heart disease and the cardiology department at Perth Children’s Hospital.

The Telethon 2018 weekend will be on October 20 and 21. 

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