EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT | Discounted Pre-Packed Cyclone Kits Are Available Now

Pick up in Mount Low!

Carley Whittington

13 December 2018

Carley Whittington

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A Townsville Mum is doing what she can to make sure that locals are prepped for cyclone season. 

Cyclone Owen is teasing us with potential heavy rain for this weekend, so it's a big reminder to get ourselves cyclone ready. 

To help with your prep, Claire at Ozmergency has her pre-packed cyclone kits available at a discounted price. 

Each pack comes with:

Portable radio—so you can hear emergency announcements and news on Hit 103.1
LED Torch—use when the power goes out so you can see while you’re walking around your home
AA & AAA Batteries— keep your devices powered even when the power’s out
Sand bags— help prevent water from coming into your home, garage or shed
Zip ties—can be used to seal sand bags and tie other items
Masking tape—place on your windows to prevent glass from shattering
Emergency Phone Charger—use when your phone is flat to ensure enough battery for emergency calls.


Safety gloves—to handle dangerous items or fallen debris
Candles—set on a table so you can see inside your home
Matches & Lighter—to light candles and your barbecue
Ratchet tie-down straps—to protect outside belongings from dangerous winds
Rope—to extend to someone in trouble or to tie down belongings
Multi-tool with Pliers—so you can make needed repairs
Rain Poncho—to protect you from getting wet if you need to go out in the rain
Tarpaulin—use when waterproofing and covering glass or dangerous areas
A4 Sealed bags—to keep important documents/papers and other items dry
First aid kit—so you can treat minor injuries
Plastic carry case—easy to store and can be used to carry additional items


To collect your $50 cyclone kit from Claire, get in contact via the Ozmergency Facebook page. 


Nitso from Oz Cylone Chasers spoke to Cliffo & Gabi this morning with some great info...catch up now!


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