Drunk Parrots Cause Chaos Flying Under The Influence

Flying into windows, prone to predators

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The Red-winged Parrot. Source: Getty Images

Locals in Broome, WA have reported being harassed by “drunk” parrots after they feasted on fermented mangoes! 

With the end of mango season in WA’s Kimberley region, fallen produce has been left rotting and fermenting in the sun. Mangoes, which are known to be highly sugar-rich, can produce high levels of alcohol, and Red-winged Parrots have been guzzling it up!

Whilst it sounds like something out of a cartoon movie, the issue is quite serious. Some of the birds are dying as a result of their drunken behaviour.

Local vets have treated around half a dozen Red-winged Parrots that were brought in after acting suspiciously, making them vulnerable to predators. Paul Murphy from Broome Veterinary Hospital told the ABC at least six inebriated birds came to the clinic presenting with ethanol poisoning last week and he believes many more have died before they could be rescued. 

“So far, we've seen about half a dozen in total, but there are a lot of them, unfortunately, that don't make it to the clinic because they pass away before people find them. Usually, they've been suffering for a couple of days … They're quite lethargic and at various stages of malnutrition. We’re hearing a few reports of flying into windows and sitting on the floor, not being able to fly and being vulnerable to cats and other predators," he said.
Red-winged Parrots are guzzling fermented mangoes and becoming drunk. Source Unsplash

Parrots have a reputation for indulging in some substance abuse. Back in 2019, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, farmers complained of insatiable parrots pillaging their opium poppy crops. It got to a point where it was impacting their livelihoods. There was also a similar case that came up in 2015 in the districts of Chittorgarh and Pratapgarh. Parrots were reported so intoxicated by poppies that they were seen crashing into trees, branches or lying on the ground dazed in a nearby field!

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21 December 2021

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