Dr Monique Ryan Says She'll Work With Labor On Matters Of Climate Change and Integrity

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She’s been dubbed the “giant killer” but Kooyong Independent Dr Monique Ryan says she hasn’t fielded any calls from either side of politics just yet. 

Speaking to the ABC on Sunday morning, the teal independent said if she gets the numbers, she would work with Labor to secure the outcomes her electorate wants.

She said while she hadn’t had any calls from incoming Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, she was looking forward to having a conversation.

“My understanding is that Mr Albanese needs to have confidence and supply from that crossbench - and it looks like I very well may be and hopefully will be, he will need to give us the assurance that he will provide to us what the electorate that has elected us are wanting.”

“What we want is effective action on climate change, and we want an ICAC with teeth - and we want them in the next six to twelve months.” 

Dr Ryan is a neurologist who, until recently, was the head of a department at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. During her political campaign against the former Treasurer in the traditional Liberal safe seat of Kooyong, she’s stood on a platform of climate action and integrity.

“I have been part of a teal army in Kooyong the last six months. We’ve had more than 2000 volunteers for a campaign, a grassroots campaign the likes that’s never been seen in Kooyong before,” she said.

“I don’t think this is a protest vote, I think this is a voice for change. I think this is a new phenomenon  actually and I think the independents here to stay,” she told the ABC “We felt that the government wasn’t listening to us so we’ve changed the government”

On Saturday evening, incumbent Kooyong MP Josh Frydenberg admitted it would be difficult for him to find the numbers to stay in his seat. Dr Ryan said as of Sunday morning she had not heard from him. 

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22 May 2022

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