Dominic Perrottet Promises Minor Driving Offence Waiver If Re-Elected

To reward good drivers

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NSW drivers with a three-year clean road record could have minor driving offences waived. 

The State Government announced the election promise Wednesday morning, detailing good drivers will be given a one-off chance to avoid a fine for minor offences including low-range speeding, disobeying no turning signs, or driving in a bus lane.

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The promise by Premier Dominic Perrottet comes after the Labor government announced yesterday it wanted to trial a 12-month revised demerit point plan.

“For those motorists who have a history of safe driving, this initiative will save them potentially hundreds of dollars if they commit a minor road offence."

- Mr Perrottet to the Daily Telegraph

Other offences including failing to stop at a stop sign. Not displaying L or P plates, or seatbelt offences involving a single passenger over 16 years will also be included in the scheme.

Offences committed in school zones, or involving heavy vehicles, red lights, mobile phone, and speeding offences above 10km/h will not be eligible for wavering.

The pledge comes as Mr Perrottet’s first for the new year.

Billed on Tuesday, the scheme will come into effect on April 3 if the Coalition is re-elected and is considered as a cost-of-living relief measure, while making roads safer.

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17 January 2023

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