Divided Opinions Over Tassie’s Tourism Master Plan

A focus on becoming the 'eco capital'

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The Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Areas (TWWHA) tourism master plan has been released and not everyone is happy.

The plan focuses on three main priorities for the 1.58 million hectare world heritage area:

  • Involvement from the Tasmanian Aboriginal people
  • Air access policy for the TWWHA
  • Plans for Mount Field National Park

Parks and Wildlife Deputy Secretary Jason Jacobi says the plans will strengthen the management role of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people and integrate the cultural values of the TWWHA.

“It provides us with very clear guidance about how we should work with the aboriginal community to engage with them more to ensure that their vision for the TWWHA is upheld and that they have greater involvement in decision making.”

TWWHA master plan has been released

But not everyone is impressed, the Wilderness Society Tasmania slamming park privatisation schemes.

The group's Tom Allen saying that the plans are doing little to protect the wilderness values.

“The State Government is privatising national parks, degrading wilderness and ignoring the community, who are being excluded from their national parks and who oppose parks privatisation. The Tasmanian Aboriginal Heritage Council, are routinely ignored on parks privatisation, in opposing Lake Malbena and on off-road tracks throughout takayna/Tarkine.”

The master plan is a ten year objective that has not identified specific tourism projects, but is a planning framework for future developments.

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2 June 2021

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