Did Shad manage to track down the Hawaiian Shad Wicker?

It's been eight years in the making!

12 October 2018

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Eight long years ago our very own Shad Wicker found on Facebook another Shad Wicker given the fact his name was rare he was overjoyed to find someone in this world he shared such a unique connection to. So he friend requested him and was ACCEPTED! It turns out the other Shad Wicker lives in Hawaii and every year for the last eight years Shad has sent him a birthday message on Facebook:

LOL at vintage Shad .... BUT he has never received a reply it turns out Hawaiian Shad Wicker is not very active on social media every year Shad hoped the Facebook birthday message would be returned and it never was so and this year was the big 30 for Shad and he decided to do something drastic he wanted to track down Hawaiian Shad Wicker and have a birthday beer with him IN HAWAII where he currently is holidaying this story has had a lot of twists and turns.


This morning on the show Carly caught up with him to see if all his attempts including putting an appeal out on a national Hawaiian radio show had worked.

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