Delta Driving Escalating Hospitalisation Rates In Victoria

More so than Omicron

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Victoria reported 8,577 new infections on Monday and three Covid-related deaths amid concerns over escalating hospitalisation rates.

There are currently 38,118 active coronavirus cases, with 491 people in hospital, while 56 of those are in ICU and 24 are on ventilators.

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Another 48 people are in intensive care with Covid, but the health Department have confirmed their infections are no longer considered active. 

Monday’s cases were up from 7172 on Sunday, with the highly infectious Omicron strain now making up more than 70 per cent of new infections.

The new cases were detected from 44,168 swabs collected on Sunday.

In Victoria, currently more than 93 per cent of Victorians aged over 12 are now fully vaccinated, while 11 per cent have received their third booster dose.

Meantime, Deakin University chair of epidemiology Catherine Bennett has told the Herald Sun the recent surge in Omicron cases has not yet overwhelmed the health system as we are seeing in NSW. 

Instead, Victoria’s hospitals are managing more patients with the Delta variant still highly rampant in the community.

“The story of Omicron is playing in what we see as case numbers (but) we have Delta which is still most visible in hospital numbers,” Professor Bennett said. 

“We had 83 people in ICU by mid-December before we had any Omicron. Hospitalisations are probably telling us that Delta is still circulating in the community; that is a problem particularly for those who are unvaccinated.”

However, with hospitalisations rates far less than at the peak of previous outbreaks, Professor Bennett advised that 1.5 per cent of active cases in Victoria were in hospital, matching the trend seen in NSW. 

“It still looks likely it will be manageable,” she said.


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2 January 2022

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