Delivery Drivers Are Protesting At Sydney’s Uber HQ

No rights, no delivery

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Food delivery workers are marching at Uber's Sydney headquarters today to protest low pay and unstable work conditions.

The demonstration comes after yesterday's Fair Work ruling that a Deliveroo rider was an employee not a contractor - meaning he was unlawfully dismissed.

Protestors are calling for the Government to regulate the gig economy to address the low pay, safety risks, and a lack of rights.

Transport Workers Union’s (TWU) National Secretary, Michael Kaine stands with protestors saying the Federal Government needs to take action.

“The Fair Work Commission called this model out yesterday, it said that enough is enough these companies should be providing rights and protections for these workers and the Commonwealth Government, in charge of workplace laws has an important role to play now in updating these laws.” 

Five delivery drivers have died while working their shift between September and November last year, and according to TWU 36% of delivery drivers had been involved in a car accident while working. 

Menulog and Hungry Panda being some of the first to make changes to their business model. Menulog will now trial minimum rights and rates for riders and Hungry Panda reversed rate cuts.

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19 May 2021

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