Dean From MAFS Discusses Feminism On Fifi, Fev & Byron

"I prefer the term 'Gender Equality.'"

27 July 2018

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On Married At First Sight, Dean has been copping it as of late for describing himself as a feminist during a fiery conversation with Charlene.

On the Fifi, Fev & Byron show, Dean and his wife Tracey took part in the intense segment 'Do you mind if I ask' which allows the audience to ask any question they want.

One listener asked Dean about the comments and how he defines 'Feminist'. The now-TV star said he felt his past comments had been taken the wrong way.

"People took it as though I wanted to control a woman or keep her in the kitchen which is not what I meant at all.

"I prefer the term 'Gender Equality' [to 'feminist']. I think everyone needs to be equal and everyone needs to be treated equally and that's what I mean by feminist.

"At the same time, there is nothing wrong with a man wanting to take the lead in the relationship."

Tracey defended Dean, saying Dean was the 'least controlling person she knows.'

Listen to Dean's explanation below:


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