Darling Downs Not the Primary Focus of State Budget

Mayor Paul Antonio

14 June 2017

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Some of the “big wish” items on Toowoomba Regional Council’s list for the region didn’t come true in yesterday’s state budget.

The region has missed out on funding for the flood mitigation works and a road into Highfields.

However, there has been some re-announcements and re-commitments to ongoing projects like the Second Range Crossing and Warrego Highway upgrades.

Mayor Paul Antonio says there is some new money coming into the region though.

“We are seeing some new money being put into education in Highfields, Wilsonton and Centenary Heights.  We’re seeing new money put into the Toowoomba Base Hospital and that’s good and we’re seeing money being put into a police station at Highfields.  We’re also seeing what we believe to be very good money going into our sports park in Highfields – we have yet to confirm that.”

Mayor Paul Antonio thinks the Darling Downs hasn’t been the primary focus for the government in this budget.

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