Danny Lakey Stranded in L.A. With Covid

Typical 2022

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2022 got off to a, well typical 2022 start for Hit NSW’s brand-new breakfast show Maz & Lakey with Danny Lakey testing positive for Covid. 

The duo was scheduled to start on air together on the 17th January, however in a turn of events that is not too unfamiliar in the last couple of years, that was not possible.

To make matters worse, the positive test came just as Danny Lakey was set to board a flight from L.A. back to Australia. Lakey had been in the USA travelling and visiting family. The new breakfast host is currently in hotel isolation in the L.A. only experiencing mild symptoms.

To make matters worse (Again), The Tongan volcano eruption has thrown an extra spanner in the works cancelling many flights across the Pacific.

Maz & Lakey will be on air at some point, just not entirely sure when. Oh 2022.

In the meantime though, check out the Maz & Lakey Iso podcast to find out more about Lakey’s covid nightmare, as well as ‘spell that sound’ and the German man Lakey just couldn't shake off.

Have a listen below:

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16 January 2022

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