Crikey! Paris Hilton Stars With The Irwins In New Uber Eats Ad!

"Loves it"

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Paris Hilton has teamed up with Australia's favourite family, The Irwins, in the most bizarre Uber Eats ad yet!

The first ad, titled 'Paris 'Helps' at the Zoo | Tonight, I’ll Be Eating...' shows Paris lying on an inflatable pool float at Australia Zoo's Crocoseum pool ordering Uber Eats.

She then asks if "you guys want some?" to The Irwin family, and Rob Irwin replies with, "A bit busy, Paris!" while dangling a piece of meat to a crocodile in the same enclosure as her.

But it's the second ad which really got our attention, where chihuahua's are in an Australia Zoo enclosure, which we later find out is the snake enclosure.

And ah, you can imagine what happens next. 

Take a look here: 

Of course, Paris is her extra self...and we can't help but "loves it". Paris and The Irwins?! It really is the combo we weren't expecting.

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Amber Lowther

9 May 2022

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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