Covid Recap For Wednesday December 29

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Covid summary for Wednesday:

  • Queensland has lifted PCR test requirements before entry from January 1.
  • QLD to allow rapid antigen test to cross border from Saturday.
  • South Australia will no longer provide pre-departure PCR tests.
  • SA adds booster mandate for frontline workers.
  • Victoria secures 34m rapid antigen tests to distribute for free from January.
  • Western Australia has order 5m rapid antigen tests, expected in early February.
  • New South Wales has ordered an additional 30m rapid antigen test.
  • NSW likely to change isolation period requirements for positive Covid cases.
  • NSW Premier says people who are not sick should not get a PCR test.
  • NSW Health advises holidaymakers to 'avoid' testing. 

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Case number across the country reported on Wednesday: 

  • Victoria recorded 3,767 new cases and five deaths
  • New South Wales reported 11,201 new cases and three deaths
  • Queensland recorded 1,589 new cases
  • South Australia recorded 1,471 new cases
  • Tasmania reported 55 new cases
  • Northern Territory reported 19 cases
  • Australian Capital Territory reported 138 new cases
  • Western Australia reported two new cases

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that a national cabinet meeting will be bought forward to Thursday.

"With the pace at which Omicron is moving it’s not surprising that I have called a further meeting of national cabinet bringing forward the meeting we had scheduled for next week to tomorrow and I will be returning to Canberra with the chief medical officer, who joins me today, for that meeting with the other premiers and chief ministers."

- PM

The focus will be on:

  • Defining a close contact of someone who has tested positive to Covid.
  • The testing regime including rapid antigen tests that people can do themselves instead of PCR tests

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29 December 2021

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