Courts vs. Cheeseball Man: The Ultimate Snack Showdown

Who was left in the cheese dust?

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Last week, Wilko came across the story of a man in the US who has earned the moniker "Cheeseball Man." He's so renowned that he attracts huge crowds just to witness his cheeseball-eating skills.

In his latest endeavour, he polished off an entire 500g tub of cheeseballs in a mere 33 minutes.

Upon hearing this, Courts, a self-proclaimed professional snacker, thought the "challenge" sounded far too easy.

So, we decided to put her skills to the test. On Monday, Wilko & Courts went live on YouTube, not only aiming to beat the Cheeseball Man's time but also to take on Hit104.7's resident food competition champion (who claimed 3rd place at the 2023 Harmonie German Club Bratwurst eating competition).

Precautionary vomit buckets were at the ready, there was plenty of online support, some heavy breathing, and a whole lot of cheeseballs.

But who emerged triumphant and who was left in the cheesy dust?

Catch up on the live stream to find out how the team fared!

6 May 2024

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