Council to Explore Trail Options for Our Dams

Cooby, Perseverance & Cressbrook

19 September 2018

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While the development of bike and walking trails would be a welcome boost for visitors of the dams, Parks and Recreation portfolio leader Cr Joe Ramia said water activity would remain unchanged and reassessed when there was clarity around water drinking standards.

“Our three lakes are critical to our region’s water supply, but they also provide valuable on and off-water recreational opportunities,” he said.

“We would love to see an increase in activity but at the same time it’s crucial we protect the water and catchment quality of our drinking supply.

“You only have to look at the position so much of Queensland is currently in to understand how important it is to have a secure water supply.”

In response to increasing public interest to access additional recreation opportunities at the dams, Council undertook a comprehensive review of recreation activities and opportunities in 2017.

“Following a review of the three dams we will be exploring options for bike and walking trails but existing water activities will remain unchanged at the moment,” Cr Ramia said.

“Visitors are still encouraged to visit the dams and enjoy the wonderful facilities we have in place but by keeping activities as they currently stand we are ensuring the protection of the region’s drinking water supply whilst managing our costs.”

Toowoomba Regional Council approved the report at its Ordinary Meeting of Council on Tuesday 18 September.

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