Council Makes Bid for Central Coast Stadium Management

Second time lucky?

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Central Coast Council will throw its hat into the ring for new management right for Central Coast Stadium.

They've been included at the last minute and have been granted an extra four weeks to submit their tender.

Central Coast news update

The Council took over the management of the stadium in 2014, and in that time, according to the Stadium Implementation Plan, it has been recording losses between $841,000 to $1.4 million each year.

Administrator Rik Hart has backed the last-minute decision and Council’s management.

“They’ve got the expertise, they’ve got the experience, but there isn’t really a stadium in the land that makes money, we need to be very clear about that. It’s very hard to actually find alternative users.”

The stadium hosted 21 events between 2018 and 2019, and under the new plan, Council aims to increase that to 40 events per year.

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11 August 2021

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