Council Continues To Monitor Lake Wyangan Water Quality

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In response to significant concern from the community, Griffith City Council have released a statement assuring that they are working towards improving water quality in Lake Wyangan. 

Since September 2018, Council has expanded the monitoring of the water quality, increased the number of sample locations, and deployed real-time water quality loggers monitoring algal growth to assist in understanding of the variability within the lake. 

Griffith Mayor, Councillor John Dal Broi, said that Council undertakes sampling months during winter months, fortnightly during warmer months, and weekly if a Red Alert is issued. 

“Although Lake Wyangan North was under Red Alert during December, very little toxic algae was recorded and has been below the recommended national guidelines since 2015. Studies of Lake Wyangan North have found that non-toxic algae is in high abundance which is likely to be preventing the growth of toxic algae.”    - Cr Broi

Council’s Lake Wyangan & Catchment Officer, Tom Ryan has reported that  300 mega litres of water was released into the Lake between January 29 and February 7 to increase dilution of water quality conditions conducive to algae outbreaks and provide a buffer against the hot weather conditions.

Council will be meeting with renowned algae researchers and water managers on February 20th to discuss the future management of Lake Wyangan.

Ebony Reeves

13 February 2019

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Ebony Reeves

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