Council Approve Free Timed Parking In Shepparton CBD

For December & January

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Shepparton CBD will receive a major boost in activity this week! Council has approved free timed parking during the critical trading months of December and January.  

The decision follows strong representation from Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s John Anderson and the Chamber’s parking sub committee.

In recent months, the Chamber has received a spike in complaints of heavy handedness with the policing of car parking in Shepparton’s CBD, which according to the Chamber, has had a negative effect on business.

“The Council’s decision will be a welcome relief to shoppers and business operators across the CBD of Shepparton, John Anderson said.

“It is sure to encourage shopping in the CBD, however it is also important that all parking will continue to be monitored for exceeding time limits where fines will occur, it’s important to keep the carparks turning over,” John added.

The Chamber believes this is one small step to helping everyone who shops in the CBD along with business.

“The Chamber is also looking forward to working with Council on a long term overall parking strategy for our CBD,” John said. 

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Amber Lowther

20 October 2019

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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