Corporate Companies Slammed For Letting Workers Work From Home

No More Work Trackies

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Big corporate companies have been offering their CBD workers the choice to work remotely from home.

It comes as a response to the pandemic, that some large companies are now proposing more permanent flexible working arrangements.

Perth’s Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas slammed these big businesses for keeping people out of the CBD.

“It is a joke that people are being sent home, to work from home”, he said.

Energy giant Chevron recently confirmed that their CBD office workers have been given the choice to work remotely on Mondays and Fridays.

Working From Home:

“We live in the safest place in the world! And for the big corporates keeping their workers home, where is the research? What is the reason? Show me the evidence! Because you are doing your city a disservice”, he said.

Zempilas said staff should be in the office if there's no health directive to stay home.

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16 June 2021

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