Corowa Man Dies After Battle With Japanese Encephalitis Virus

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A fifth person has died of Japanese encephalitis virus in New South Wales.

The Corowa man in his 60s passed away following a lengthy battle with the rare mosquito-borne virus at Albury Base Hospital on May 20.

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David Kiefel, who contracted the virus on the New South Wales-Victorian border in mid-February, was placed on life support after his condition began to deteriorate.

Mr Kiefel's wife Jacquelene Monk has been urging Australians to be aware of the early signs of the virus, after doctors took weeks to diagnose in her husband.


NSW Health recommends the best ways to avoid mosquito bite:

  • Cover up as much as possible (light-coloured, loose fitting clothing and covered footwear).
  • Use mosquito repellents
  • Use mosquito netting for children’s cribs, prams and strollers
  • Prevent mosquito breeding around the home

Mr Kiefel is the second person to die from the virus in NSW; while one death has been recorded in Queensland, one in South Australia and one in Victoria.

More commonly detected across the Northern Territory, Queensland and the Torres Strait, the recent spat of wet weather has seen the virus spread into southern regions.

NSW Health continues to encourage people throughout the state to take steps to avoid potentially lethal mosquito bites.

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24 May 2022

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