Connie Plays 'Love Marry Boot' With The MAFS Husbands

Sorry Jonethen...

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While we're all sitting at home in self isolation missing the days when we could easily stir up our own dinner party dramas, it helps to have our Married At First Sight newlyweds do all the hard yards for us. 

This morning Connie reached new levels of petty when asked about Jonethen's blue verification tick on Instagram... 

^ Occupation: Instagram's best friend 

Connie explained that Channel 9 verifies each of the participant's accounts at the end of the season, but that Jonethen took matters into his own hands, apparently needing that blue tick "to sleep at night". 

She told us exactly how she feels about it, and she did NOT hold back! 

Connie also picked the three MAFS husbands she'd 'love, marry, boot' if the choice had been hers this season.


Listen to find out who she picked... 

And finally, Connie revealed that she didn't actually apply to be on this season of Married at First Sight, but that she was scouted because casting directors supposedly needed "people who didn't want to be influencers". 

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Ebony Reeves

24 March 2020

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Ebony Reeves

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