CONFIRMED: Rosie The Shark Has Found A New Home At Crystal World


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CREDIT: Abandoned Victoria

Rosie the Shark currently lives in Bass, Victoria. She sits in a tank of formaldehyde in an abandoned wildlife park. She has become a sensation after YouTuber Lukie Mc made a video of the abandoned park and her discovery which has clocked over eleven million views.


Her tank has been leaking dangerous chemicals and is highly unsafe. People want to save Rosie and see her moved to a different location so they can visit her and see her preserved. Sadly all the attention has lead to vandals breaking into the abandoned park and smashing the tank as well as throwing rubbish in it. 

Fifi, Fev & Byron's Producer Leon has just been on the phone to the owner of Crystal World who confirmed to him that they would be acquiring Rosie. The owner of the park told Leon the tank would be safely drained and they would be taking her to their park located in Devon Meadows about an hours drive out of Melbourne.

We don't know when the move will take place and the exact details but we can confirm that Rosie will be being looked after and will have a nice new home.

Earlier toady Fifi, Fev & Byron spoke about Rosie and trying to save her: 

Credit: Abandoned Victoria

18 February 2019

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