Confirmed: Fast Walkers Are The Smarter & Superior Beings

Take that, slow city walkers!

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There are two types of people in this world: the slow walkers and the fast walkers. 

You’re either a lover of taking a leisurely stroll through the street, no matter where you’re going or how many people are around, or you’re furiously weaving through the busy foot traffic like there’s no tomorrow. 


A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has concluded that fast walkers are not only smarter than slow walkers, but they also age at a slower rate. 

“How fast people are walking in midlife tells us a lot about how much their bodies and brains have aged over time,” the study revealed. 

“Gait speed is not only an indicator of aging, but also an indicator of lifelong brain health.”


Scientists from Duke University in North Carolina, looked at the movements of over 900 New Zealanders across a forty year period (from when they were three until they were 45-years-old), finding a wide array of benefits to being a fast walker. 

It was revealed that, on average, there was a 16 point IQ difference between fast and slow walkers who were 45-years-old - with the faster walkers taking home the higher IQ. 

The results also found that slow walkers even had lower IQ scores, less emotional stability and motor skills as toddlers. 


The study revealed that, “Slow gait was also associated with multiple indices of compromised structural brain integrity, including smaller total brain volume, global cortical thinning, and reduced total surface area.”

Along with lower IQ, slow walkers have an increased risk of developing dementia and their brains age faster than those of fast walkers. 

So, next time you’re zooming past slow walkers on the street, just think - you’re better off! 


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