Commuters To Begin Paying For Derwent Ferry From Next Month

After one year trial

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Transport Tasmania

Derwent ferry passengers are set to begin paying for fares upon the completion of the Ferry’s one-year trial.  

From Monday August 8, passengers will be required to pay $3.50 per adult or $2.80 with a Greencard to use the ferry. 

A full price child fare will be $1.90 while a children’s Greencard ticket will cost $1.52. 

Concession prices will cost $2.40 per person while those with a Greencard will pay $1.92.

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The Derwent Ferry was first launched on August 9 of 2021 as a method of free travel for anyone holding a Greencard or utilising a bike or e-scooter. 

While the free ferry has so far been a massive hit, the Department of State Growth have announced commuters will soon be required to pay for fares in order to ensure the ferry’s viability.

According to a statement from the Department of State Growth, the success of the first ferry will determine whether more ferries will be rolled out. 

“We now need to assess the service as a real public transport option in the longer-term,” the statement read. 

“Continued uptake of the service also will play a significant role in determining the viability of expanding ferries to more destinations and at more times, which is currently being examined.”

“The vast majority of passengers have told us that they are willing to pay a fare equivalent to those charged for catching the bus, so this is the fare option we have chosen.”

The new fares will coincide with Tasmania bus rates and will be payable for those without a Greencard by either cash or card.

Those with Greencards will be able to transfer from one mode of transport to another within 90 minutes without extra charge.

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Georgie Marr

5 July 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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