Comedian Effie Stephanidis Talks Lockdown & Burping In Public


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Queensland Times

In need of some serious giggles? Well, you're in luck because the self proclaimed Acropolistic Goddess, Effie Stephanidis is coming to Bendigo to tell some bloody hilarious jokes!

Tim & Jess touched base with Effie this morning to find out more about her upcoming show 'Hello Good Thanks – Better Out Than In' which touches on everything 2020 & 2021, from Effie's life in lockdown to toilet paper and Covid jabs, nothing's off limits. 

As soon as they get Effie on the phone, Jess starts a turf war and then Tim asks Effie what she's been up to during lockdown, to which we receive some heavy innuendos about her recent marriage. 

Before signing off, Effie acts as judge for Tim & Jess's court room antics and once and for all settles whether Jess's constant burping in studio is acceptable. 

Tune into the full chat below... 

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Georgie Marr

20 May 2021

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Georgie Marr

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