Colin Farrell Unrecognisable In New Pics From 'The Batman'

No, seriously, is that actually him?!

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We’ve seen our fair share of drastic transformations lately: Jared Leto in House of Gucci, Jared Leto in Morbius, Jared Leto in Justice League, the list goes on!

A set of character photos, recently revealed by Warner Brothers, gave us an in-depth first-look at some of the villains we can expect to see in the hotly-anticipated Matt Reeves film, The Batman, and hoo boy, we weren't expecting Colin Farrell to look so different!

Love superhero movies? Catch the recent Marvel announcement that got us excited:

Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot serves as the in-between of the comics and Danny DeVito’s stint as the character in 1992’s Batman Returns.

Known for being something of a hunk, it’s more than a little jarring to see Farrell in such an unusual appearance.

On the other hand, The Riddler, this time portrayed by Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood), has become something of a meme, with audiences making comments about how the costume resembles a cross between the Zodiac Killer’s outfit and a gimp suit.

To be fair, that is a terrifying image.

Last but not least we have Zoe Kravitz, whose Catwoman doesn’t stray too far from previous on-screen versions of the character, but after all, why mess with perfection?

While we aren’t the type to judge a book by its cover, everything we’ve seen from The Batman has looked pretty promising.

Will the movie live up to our expectations? We’ll find out soon, when The Batman hits cinemas on March 3rd.

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Nick Barrett

11 January 2022

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Nick Barrett

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