Club Seeks Justice After Teen Parties Whilst Covid Positive

150 people will spend Xmas in iso

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Thanks to one teen's selfish actions, hundreds of South Aussies will be spending Christmas in quarantine. 

It's alleged a 19-year-old male was out and about last Friday night before receiving a text just after 10 pm alerting him to testing positive to Covid. Instead of following the direction to quarantine, SA Health says the man carried on partying, entering the club venue Loverboy after 10:45 pm.

Now 150 people who were at Loverboy, including staff and patrons, are facing spending Christmas in isolation. Unsurprisingly, Loverboy is seeking some justice for being forced to shut up shop during the busiest trade period of the year. 

"Christmas is supposed to be a time to celebrate with family and loved ones, however, because of the actions of one selfish person, that wont be the case for many. We have to close our doors for the busiest week of the year and 'will be opening presents in isolation. We will be seeking justice." Loverboy said in a statement.

- Statement from venue Loverboy

SA Health made the announcement on Facebook that anyone at the venue between 10:45 pm on Friday and 4:15 am on Saturday are considered close contacts. 

Amazingly, the culprit had the audacity to respond on the post after it clocked loads of comments criticising their actions, writing, “I reckon we just drop it. I’ve admitted to my mistakes and I am truly apologetic.” 

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20 December 2021

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