Choosing The Right Floor Plan For Your Dream Home

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There's no denying we've been stripped of some liberties this year, with COVID-19 keeping us all inside! Since we're spending so much time indoors, we're really starting to see what doesn't 'work' around the house.

Maybe you're finding your bathroom is a bit cramped, you don't have enough storage space, or, you're really wanting a theatre room to relax in.

Luckily, you can really make your wish list a reality by finding the right floor plan for your dream home. Here's how!

Think about your lifestyle

Thinking about your lifestyle can really help you understand what you'd really like in a floor plan. Maybe you love cooking and entertaining, so a big kitchen and dining area could be a great idea. Alternatively, you might need an office space or a room that can be turned into a home gym!


Remember your budget

It's easy to get excited and throw your wish list at your future floor plan. But it's important to stick to your budget and remind yourself not to overdo it. Allocate your budget at the very start so you know what you're working with. This will save you from any unexpected costs and heartbreak!

Choose single or double storey

Choosing whether or not you'd like a single or double storey really comes down to personal preference. There's pros and cons related to both and there are different factors to consider. A single storey might be ideal if you don't want to go up and down stairs constantly, if you want a big home on a big block of land or, if you have children to consider. While a double storey could be a fantastic idea if the land has views or if you'd like to use the land to install a swimming pool!

Make a wish list

It's definitely a good idea to make a wish list. Perhaps you want that extra large walk-in wardrobe, a spacious bathroom to fit that dream freestanding bath, a theatre room or, an activity room for the kids. You never know, you could tick off every box!

Explore floor plans & land packages

If you have an idea of what you're looking for, there's no better way to get started then to explore floor plans and available house and land packages. It's a great way to envision yourself in a specific plan and look at the life you can live with what's available. 


One thing to watch out for: Beware of hidden costs! Some builders may exclude things like site works and floor furnishings in pricing. It’s important you always ask for the end price and avoid getting caught out agreeing to a ‘base price’ that leaves you short or paying more.

Visit display homes

Now that you've seen what's around, why not a walkthrough? Visiting display homes can really help you make a decision and see how well it could fit your lifestyle. It's also a great way to see how a specific plan can impact your day-to-day living and how versatile they can be.  

So talk to your local experts at Davis Sanders Homes. The team are committed to offering the best personal service possible so that you can be confident that your new home is going to be a quality home that reflects your style and personality.


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13 November 2020

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