Chapel Street Proposes Reopening to Fully Vaccinated Melburnians

Will Spring St go for it?

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Businesses on Chapel Street have banded together and are calling to reopen and start trading exclusively to fully vaccinated Melburnians.

The Chapel Street Precinct Association are wanting to trial a traffic-light system, which would see customers scan a QR code that would turn green, orange, or red, depending on the status of vaccination.

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The association, which represents more than 2000 businesses is calling on Spring Street to implement the strategy which would help struggling businesses and give Victorian’s extra incentive to get vaccinated.

Epidemiologist Angela Webster told Seven that small incentives would also boost morale.

“Small changes to the way the lockdowns are run can make a real difference, a fundamental difference to the way people experience this because we’re not coming out of this very quickly, there’s going to be many more weeks or months of this so we need to make it as liveable as possible.”

It's just one of many ideas being put to the government, with authorities already confirming they're looking at options to give greater freedoms to people who are fully vaccinated.

It comes as a new poll from YouGov discovered that Victorians are more worried about their poor mental health or losing their job than the risk of catching covid.

63 per cent of Victorians polled said they know someone whose mental health has been impacted by the pandemic.

While 60 per cent of us are also concerned about the ongoing lack of contact with family and friends.

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30 August 2021

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