Cancer Causing Drug & Animal Dewormer Found Cut Into Cocaine Bound For Australia

Warning all partygoers

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A cancer-causing drug banned in the 1980's has made a comeback amid a stark warning to partygoers planning for a 'white’ Christmas.

The Australian Federal Police discovered traces of phenacetin mixed in a 558-kilo cocaine shipment intercepted by Border Police before it reached Australian shores.

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The drug was banned almost 40 years ago after links to cancer and kidney damage were discovered.

“Drugs are often cut to a low purity using a range of potent chemicals and fillers,” AFP Commander Forensic Operations Paula Hudson said.

“Levamisole, an animal worming agent that can cause serious skin infections in humans, is often detected in cocaine, which is mainly produced in the Americas"

“Phenacetin, a drug that is banned in most countries because it causes cancer and damages kidneys, is also being added to cocaine in a bid to boost the profits of illicit drug dealers," Commander Hudson said.

“We are imploring Australians to be safe this Christmas and be mindful that their lives are often in the hands of brutal cartels and transnational serious organised criminals, like outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia, who do not care about what toxic substances are being mixed with illicit drugs, which are dangerous in their own right.”

- Comdr Hudson

A prolific market, cocaine consumption has grown by 80 per cent over the past five years in Australia with the AFP seizing a total of 1.12 tonnes of cocaine this year alone.

Another year impacted by lockdowns and restrictions, doctors and harm prevention organisations are warning ahead of the silly season, of using harmful mixed-in substances.


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6 December 2021

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