The “anti-Tinder” is coming..

11 September 2017

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By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit – ljupco/

Sick of swiping left and right? Feel like you’re spending more time filtering out the duds than finding a decent match?

A new event, which has been dubbed the “anti-Tinder,” is coming to Canberra on September 20!

“Love at No Sight” is just like speed dating, but blindfolded!

If you’re brave enough to take part, you’ll be taken through 10 to 12 mini dates, relying on good old-fashioned conversation instead of looks.

You and your partner will be given questions to ask each other – none of this boring small talk about the weather and “soo.. what do you do for work?”

Image Credit – Paul Vasarhelyi/

To ensure everyone gets the most out of the experience, organisers are encouraging participants to keep identities hidden.

This also makes for more fun when it comes to the “who’s who” part of the evening after the mini-dates (yes – you will be able to see here)!

At the end, if you’ve clicked with someone, you’ll be sent their contact details, and off you go!

Tickets are $79 – and for that you’ll get two free drinks, canapes, the series of mini-dates and a matching service after the event.

It is for people aged 35 and under – but if you’re not in this age group, never fear!

Organisers are open to holding similar events for other age ranges – just shoot them an email online.

Ditch the dating apps and give Love at No Sight a go! Register today!

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