Canberra's Best Sweet Treats Delivered To Your Door

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There are some days where you just need something a little sweet to get you through the day. Whether it is lollies, chocolate or something from the bakery, there are plenty of places around Canberra that can satisfy your cravings in the best way possible. We have done some research and have come up with a few local outlets that you should check out. 

Presto Cookies

Presto Cookies look amazing! The size of these cookies has to be seen to be believed. They are huge! When we got our order, we picked one up and it was bigger than the palm of our hand. They were also super delicious. If you don't know about Presto Cookies then this is how it works. Each week Presto Cookies release their menu and it will include some local favourites as well as brand new flavours. One of our favourites was the 'Biscoff Biggie Crumble'. It tastes as good as it sounds - caramel swirl cookie dough, white choc chunks, Biscoff fudge and salted Biscoff crumble on top.

To see what else is on offer at Presto Cookies check out our 'Hit Thing' below:

If you want to order, it is pretty easy. All you have to do is visit their website and order before Wednesday at midnight. Then once your order is confirmed, you'll be able to collect it on Friday. 

Bunched Co.

If you have a friend or family member that is celebrating a milestone or just to make them happy, ditch the flowers and give them something from the Bunched Co. I mean, we'd much rather eat something that looks beautiful rather than just looking at something beautiful. The Bunched Co. offer plenty of packs to suit all sweet tooth's. Our favourite gift is the Nutella A'holic doughnut bouquet. It looks amazing. 

The Bunched Co. are currently delivering in Canberra, so jump on their website and have a look. 

Three Mills Bakery

If you have never eaten a Three Mills baked good, then you are missing out. Three Mills is well known in Canberra for their bread, but if you don't know, they have amazing baked goods too. Through their website, they have an online store and are doing delivery. There is plenty of their menu and it looks like they are expanding what's on offer each week. 

Our favourite is their selection of baked tarts. Not something we would pick every day, but the tarts are absolutely delicious. You can't go past the raspberry and jam tart.

To order from Three Mills Bakery check out their website.

The Sugar Deli

We love what is on offer at the Sugar Deli. They do single treats to full-on dessert packs that will provide you with a tasty range of their goodies. Each week their menu changes to offer delicious desserts and sweet treats (though they still have a 'traditional' menu for their faves). Meaning you can come back and try as many different delicious goods as you want. Like their name, these boxes are for someone who has a REAL sweet tooth. 

Go on and check out their website, as you'll be sure to find something perfect to gift or eat yourself.


Locally owned, Cinnaglaze is another great choice for some sweet treats. Offering cookies and brownies with all the topping you could want, you want to try them all. Our favourite was the caramilk cookie. The flavour was super good and inside the cookie was a little chocolate surprise. Don't mind if we eat more. Online they have small to large boxes so you can get as many cookies as you need. 

You can order online via their website. 

23 September 2021

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