Can You Please Tell Us How To Walk In These Heels?

All theories welcome.

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Cult Gaia

On today’s episode of I Love This But Don’t Understand How To Wear It, we have these heeled sandals from designer brand Cult Gaia!

The fashion label has a collection of truly stunning clothes and accessories which will make you long for summer, but these shoes have us PERPLEXED.

Simply HOW?

How does one walk?

We need to know!

The Rene Sandal is described as being where a “geometric heel meets a simplistic sandal” - this we understand.

“Architectural lines of this shoe were designed with thoughtful intention, while the gorgeous suspended heel adds intrigue and femininity” - okay, so it sounds like there has been some thought applied to how one walks in them, we just have to work out HOW.

“This sandal is eye-catching and seemingly majestic, as you seemingly float on her structural silhouette. Her punctuated embellishment defines the shoe boldly, while the minimal straps keep the shape effortlessly chic” - we do like the idea of floating in and out of events.

For those willing to figure out first hand how one does walk in the shoe, they’ll set you back a cool $800, which might actually be worth figuring out this mystery.

Cult Gaia has responded to one Instagram comment asking this very question, reassuring the “the suspended heel offers full, comfy support,” so look, there MUST be a way.

So far, our best bet is you’d have to sort of hop around town.

If anyone has any theories, let us know in our Facebook comments!

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Entertainment News Team

22 April 2021

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Entertainment News Team

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