Calling All Carb Lovers, This Aussie Brewery Is Currently Slinging Pizza Flavoured Beer

It's carb heaven!

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Just when you thought you couldn't up the ante on a cheeky bevy, we see this mother of all beers. 

A pizza flavoured beer. 

Yes, it's made from actual remains of pizza dough.

After the postponement of many food events, head chef at Lot 100, suddenly found himself with a vast excess of pizza dough lying around and no one to eat it.

So, naturally, Mismatch Brewery, which just so happens to also make its beverages on the same Hay Valley property in South Australia, decided to team up and chuck the dough into some beer instead.

The aptly named Pizza Beer is duped as a classic Italian inspired lager with a slight sweetness and earthy/spicy note to the beer, alkaline character from the salt from the bases.

Perfect beer with pizza - duh. 

The team have also been busy working on a selection of dark beers to get us through winter.

Their annual Chocolate Stout returns, this time brewed with pure, melted chocolate sourced from Adelaide Hills icon Melbas...

Alongside these stouts comes their big brother, a Russian imperial stout aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels for four months, giving it a whopping 12.75 per cent ABV.

What might be Mismatch’s most acclaimed beer, Evil Archie’s Red IPA, has also gotten a limited-release spin-off in the form of the double dry-hopped Super Evil Archie’s.

We suggest you get in quick if you want to get your thirsty mitts on any of these bad boys, they are in limited supply here.

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Eve Swain

29 June 2020

Article by:

Eve Swain

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