Britney Spears Pleads With Court For Her Basic Human Rights Back

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Britney Spears will be testifying in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday June 23, opposing her father's domination on her life. 

The 40 year old pop singer was placed under a conservatorship in 2008, but what does that really mean? 

A conservatorship is a legal arrangement that intends to manage and protect a person's finance and daily life, who is limited by physical or mental limitations.

In other words, the last 13 years of Britney’s life has been controlled predominately by her father James Spears.

James has the power to restrict Britney’s visitors, distribute restraining orders, reject a marital request and have a major influence on many of her other life decisions.  

While this does sound super harsh, surely none of us can forget the singer’s iconic meltdown during a custody battle with her ex-husband Kevin Federline in which she shaved her hair. 

Or the time she attacked a cameraman's car with her umbrella and was sentenced to a psychiatric ward.

But maybe it’s these mistakes and learning experiences that make the big celebrity human?

Britney Spears Conservatorship Appeal:

On Wednesday Britney is breaking her silence in court and wishes to be set free from her toxic conservatorship.

With her latest public performance being in 2018, Britney’s lawyer Samuel D Ingham said,

"She has also informed me on many occasions that she will not perform as long as her father is in charge of her career”.

You can imagine what this meant for all Britney fans! The ‘Free Britney Movement’ has never been so riled up. 

Fans were claiming all Britney's Instagram posts contained secret messages and that she was sending out a cry for help.

Britney Spears Instagram Post on June 16: @britneyspears


Sister James Spears reacted to the movement saying the fans did not understand the severity of the situation and that they are all a bunch of conspiracists.  

That still didn't stop fans from gathering outside the Stanley Mosk Courthouse protesting the conservatorship and waiting for Britney to share her truth.

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23 June 2021

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