Brisbane's Masked Celebrity Has Finally Been Unmasked!

Did you guess it?

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After a week of clues and guesses, Brisbane's Masked Celebrity has finally been revealed..

It' Brisbane's iconic wildlife presenter, Ranger Stacey!

Didn't guess correctly? Here are the clues explained..

I have a logie in my living room

“Agros Cartoon Connection” won a logie seven times and Stacey has previously said that one of those logies still has pride of place in her living room

The camera fell in love with me

Her husband is Rob McCall – who was a freelance cameraman during her first year on Totally Wild

My career may not have changed but my hairstyles sure has

Quote from Stacey in an article when she was celebrating 25 years on Totally Wild She graduated from Agricultural College in 1983

Females rule my family

Stacey only has daughters

My snail trail is teensy tiny

Stacey has a teeny little snail named after her – the name is Burwellia Staceythomsonae, or 'Ranger Stacey's Pinwheel Snail' and it is only 0.25 millimetre

I’m well connected

She was on Agro’s Cartoon Connection

My celeb status hasn’t reached the jungle

She has often spoken about her desire to feature on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’

I watch down on Brisbane from above

Her home is Channel Ten at the top of Mt Cootha which overlooks Brisbane

I love all nature but my favourite is close to home

She has previously said in interviews her favourite nature spot is the barrier reef

If I was a cartoon character I’d be a power ranger

RANGER Stacey…

I like to keep a close eye on my friends Grant Denyer, Bindi Irwin and Margot Robbie

The people she’s friends with on Instagram

I was often saying hi to my mum

She often had guest spots on Rove Live

A handler got me to the US

She has appeared on Chelsea Lately hosted by Chelsea Handler

Stav Abby and Matt, you recently played in my backyard and now I’m playing in yours

We were on Totally Wild recently and now she’s on our show

I’m close to being out of this world

Channel Ten is near the Brisbane planetarium

Ive got a friend on another station

Jamie Dunn (Agro) is the brekky announcer on 98.9fm

Ive never lost my khakis

After 30 years she’s still wearing her khakis on tv

Ive got the tick of approval

She’s Instagram official

I'm an Emmy holder   

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31 October 2019

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