Brisbane Flight Paths To Be Redirected To Combat Suburban Noise Complaints

Changes to take 18 months

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Brisbane flight paths are set to be redrawn in an attempt to combat suburban flight noise complaints.

The decision to recalibrate the flight paths comes after a report commissioned by Airservices Australia contained close to 50 recommendations to decrease flight noise in suburban areas.

In the report released by global air traffic consultants Trax International on Friday contained a number of recommendations to rectify issues caused by Brisbane airport’s second runaway which opened in 2020.

The opening of the runway lead to flight routes being redirected over a number of Brisbane suburbs.

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The report suggested that the flights be rerouted to flyover water rather than Brisbane suburbia.

"The top priority objective … is to maximise the number of Brisbane flights that arrive and depart simultaneously over water, rather than overflying populations in the city and surrounding suburbs," the report said.

Federal LNP Member for Brisbane Trevor Evans told ABC news that redirecting the flight routes could take well over a year to complete.

"We really need to go back to the start of designing the flight paths and that's what the government has agreed to today," he said.

The cost of the changes has not yet been revealed.

The recommendations follow a push by the Greens for a policy that will force Brisbane Airport to abide by a curfew which was rejected by the airport.

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Georgie Marr

5 April 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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