BP At Barnawartha North Listed As Tier 1 Exposure Site

Covid Concerns across the North East

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There are fears of Covid spreading across the border and North East region as a BP in Barnwartha has become an area of concern.

The truck stop toilets and showers at the BP in Barnawartha North has been listed as a Tier 1 exposure site.

BP at Barnawartha North listed as tier 1 exposure site

Anyone who was at the site on September 28 from 8.30 pm - 11.59 pm and September 29 from 12.00 am - 6.15 am is being urged to get tested and isolate immediately.

Adding to this, people who have visited the Ski Fields are on high alert after authorities found Covid fragments in wastewater at Falls Creek between September 28 and 29.

Experts are also reviewing the standard 14-day isolation rules for people who have been to a tier 1 site, with the potential of cutting it down to seven days.

Health authorities will also stop publishing tier 2 Covid exposure sites around Victoria with the list of locations blowing out beyond 560.

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Hit News Team

5 October 2021

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