Boy Swallows Universe Is Heading To The Brisbane Stage

The Award Winning Novel!

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Based on the award winning 2018 novel of the same name, Boy Swallows Universe will be premiering its stage adaptation later this year.

Set in the backstreets of suburban Brisbane during the 80s, it only makes sense for it to premiere in the homeland it was set in. The Brisbane-born author of the book, Trent Dalton, was thrilled when he learned it would premiere in his hometown. "It was the people of Brisbane who took that wild, strange book and ran with it first and that book belongs to them now and this production will belong to them, too."

Boy Swallows Universe has already won plenty of awards here in Australia, including Book of the Year, Literary Book of the Year and Audio Book of the year at the 2019 Australian Book Industry Awards.

While the stage show will premiere in September of this year, fans will be pleased to know that there are also plans to adapt the book to the small screen with Australia’s Joel Edgerton scheduled to produce the show alongside Dalton who will fill an executive producer role.

Tickets to the stage show aren’t on sale yet, that will happen on April 6th and you’ll be able to find them here along with any more information about show times and ticket prices.

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Dean Milhe

19 February 2020

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Dean Milhe

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