Blue Wiggle Anthony Field Opens Up About His Long Battle With Depression

With an important message for young men

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The OG Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field, has opened up about something that’s been plaguing him since his teenage years.

In a recent interview with the Canberra Weekly, the 58-year-old Aussie music icon revealed he’s been battling depression for several decades, with the success of The Wiggles pushing him to question his emotions.

Find out what the Blue Wiggle had to say about his OG Wiggles co-stars:

"My brother laughed at me when I said I was feeling so sad and didn't know why... 'How can you be sad?' he said, 'you're popular, you're successful'," Anthony told the publication.

"No matter how good things seem, you can still be sad."

Talking about The Wiggles, who recently celebrated their 30th anniversary, Anthony said the popular children's group kept him on the level.

"If I played music, it just gets me in a beautiful mood... That's one of the tools of the trade to stop me from spiralling down." 

Field has been bringing awareness to men’s mental health this month to commemorate Movember, an annual month-long event which aims to prove it isn’t emasculating to be emotional.

Posting through stylist Morgan Ferguson’s Instagram account, Anthony made his message clear: “[We’re encouraging] men, and in particular younger men, to speak up and not be afraid to cry.”

While Movember technically ends tomorrow, it's not too late to donate! Take a stand and make a pledge by visiting the Movember site here.

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Nick Barrett

29 November 2021

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Nick Barrett

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