Blue-Green Algae Hits Lake Eppalock!

Blue-Green Algae is taking over!

Georgie Marr

19 February 2019

Georgie Marr

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WARNING!! Blue-Green algae is taking over local watering holes!

To escape the Central Victrorian summer, you can't beat a refreshing dip at Turpin Falls; but as Keeshia discovered, the water was unsafe for swimming due to remarkably high levels of blue-green algae!

For those of you who don't know about Blue-Green Algae, it can be EXTREMELY irritating to humans and animals if you manage to get it anywhere near your skin. Those who touch it will likely be the recipients of a nasty red rash, itchy skin or a painful sensation in the eyes, ears or nose!


Unfortunately, the algae isn’t stopping there. Goulburn-Murray Water has issued a public warning to avoid swimming in Lake Eppalock after high levels of blue-green algae have been detected. The Lake is still open to the public, but swimming might be off the cards for the next few weeks! 

With her trip to Turpin Falls a bit of an anti-climax, Keeshia made her way to Lake Eppalock where she finally got the refreshing dip she was craving... just a day before she found out about the blue-green algae!

Tune into the catch-up below to find out what went wrong...



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