Blitz On Cairns Debtors To Pay $50 Million In Unpaid Fines

Recovery debt is a priority

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Debt collectors across Far North Queensland are on a blitz to collect almost $50 million in unpaid fines.

State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) officers will be visiting businesses and residents from Ingham and as far north as Port Douglas in an attempt to collect payment.

The latest Cairns briefing

It’s estimated that there are 26,000 debtors in the Cairns region alone.

SPER Enforcement Manager Kim Easton is warning debtors that if they refuse to pay their fines, they could have money deducted from their wages, and have cars and possessions seized.

A recent blitz took place in Townsville where $3.2 million of debt was paid, 23 vehicles were clamped and a further 26 were seized.

Anyone with outstanding debt is encouraged to contact SPER.

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Hit News Team

3 November 2021

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