Blanket Jumpers Exist For Your Mates Who Are ALWAYS Cold

We NEED this!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

29 September 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

Article heading image for Blanket Jumpers Exist For Your Mates Who Are ALWAYS Cold

We’ve ALL got a friend / partner / family member who seems to feel the cold more than we do. 

There could be a slight chill we’re not bothered by, but to them it’s like they’re in the middle of the snow. 

Sure, they can rug up and wear a tonne of layers but what they really need is…. a blanket jumper.

That’s right, the snuggly, warm creation putting the best of both worlds together. 

It’s called the Original Comfy and is the perfect mixture of blanket / jumper / dressing gown. 

Fluffy sherpa lines the inside, while the outside is covered in cosy fleece. So! It’s reversible to switch whenever you want!

The product description reads: "The coziness of a blanket with the fit of your favourite sweatshirt is here.

"Pull arms and legs into the soft, fluffy Sherpa. Doesn't slip, slide off or drag on the floor and covers you completely and you can still use your hands. Roll the sleeves up, or pull your hands in completely and still say warm."

We ARE coming out of the colder months, but while we wait, this is the only thing we need. 


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