Big Whoops, This Major Editing Fail On MAFS Has Exposed Who Cheats


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Well, well, well, we aren't even a full week into the first season of Married At First Sight Australia yet and we've already spied a major editing flaw which no doubt looks unfaithful AF. 

During the airing of the wedding's (which we aren't even all the way through yet) we've spotted this editing fail and we have our theories into whose marriage is already going to be in shambles ASAP. 

During yet another teaser for the show, we see a certain tattoo-armed friend touching a certain 'lady friend's' leg saying: "I wish that the experts matched us."

Channel 9

And if there are a few things we know about tattoos it is that A. they're ~usually~ unique and B. pretty permanent so judging by this one, it's pretty safe to say we know that our first culprit in the alleged cheating scandal is Cameron Dunne.

You tell us that isn't the same tat! 

Anyway, as for the mysterious woman we are yet to find out, but judging by the skin complexion and brunette hair, it's pretty easy to narrow it down to a few certain brides *cough, cough* Coco Stedman or Belinda Vickers

Unless someone decides to change their hair colour mid-way through the season, we guess only time will tell who the mysterious woman is and if they follow through with it.

Take a listen below for the full scoop:

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24 February 2021

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