Big Brother is Coming Back in 2021 & They’re Casting Right Now

Are you the next housemate?

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Big Brother is coming back in 2021, and you can apply to be a housemate right now

Most of us rejoiced when it was announced that Big Brother was coming back in 2020. Although we started questioning what twists would it bring? Would the OG Big Brother voice come back? And could they bring back Sara Marie already?!

It had a few twists and a few tweaks to make it work in 2020, sure we weren’t completely sold from episode one, but did it still work? Apparently so, because Channel 7 has renewed it for 2021!

Apparently Sonia Kruger & Big Brother himself have already been planning how to keep the housemates on their toes.

“He’ll be back cheekier than ever so our new housemates better be ready to play. Big Brother is about to go to the next level and I’m totally here for it!”

So here’s your chance. If you’ve been watching this season thinking that you’d be more interesting to watch than these housemates, or that you would have better gameplay to be the last one standing, or even thought that sitting around on your butt in a house for a few weeks is the easiest way to make $250,000, do it.

Right now you can apply to be a part of the 2021 Big Brother season and it's as easy as filling out an application and filming a video.

But there are a few things you need to know first, here are the deets:

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28 June 2020

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