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Things to do on a Rainy Weekend

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When you think of summer in Canberra, you think hot days avoiding the metal part of your car seatbelt like the plague, trips to the Coast to get some relief from the heat by dipping your feet in the ocean, and really expensive electricity bills! Whilst we definitely had a few weeks of hardcore heat, we have now been dealt with a series of torrential rain and it’s not about to ease up.

I personally, am enjoying the cool change and love nothing more than a fun rainy day! Last week I went for a hike, got lost and while trying to find my way back home got absolutely drenched!!! And it was AMAZING! I felt so in touch with not only nature but my child-like self. As they say, "let’s turn this obstacle into an opportunity"! With more rain forecast for this weekend in Canberra, here are some fun things you can do.

  • Hit the cinemas. Head down to HOYTS and enjoy those reclining-seats. There are heaps of great movies out right now. I recommend Bombshell, Jo Jo Rabit & Birds of Prey!  
  • Go to brunch. We all know food is better in the rain. Meet up with your girlfriend in Braddon over some avocado toast & a hot coffee.
  • Have a boardgame night. Depending on how competitive your family/group of friends, monopoly is always a great option. If not, scrabble, UNO, snakes & ladders, and chess should also be on your list!
  • Make a cheese platter & get yourself a nice bottle of wine. The best thing about this is you can do it solo, with a lover, with a girlfriend or a whole group! (Drink responsibly).
  • Go on a Rain hike. Whilst it is important to be careful with slippery surfaces in the wet weather, there are so many beautiful hike trails around Canberra! Redhill & Gibraltar Creek are two of my favourites.
  • Drive up to the Arboretum and enjoy the serenity. Get a hot date like on the movies and take in the incredible sound, sight and smell of the rain.
  • Check out Kingpin!!! Yes, Kingpin is finally open at the Canberra Centre and it is a guaranteed fun time. There’s not only bowling, but a game arcade, restaurant, bar, escape rooms, karaoke and more!!!
  • Cose up in bed & read a book. I’m currently reading both ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘The Barefoot Investor’. Would love any book suggestions you have.
  • Throw a house party. Who says you need to go out to party??!! Your living room is just as sufficient of a dancefloor to any other club and you don’t even have to dress up!!! Pyjama theme anyone?!
  • Have a big night anyway coz you are a bad-ass b**tch and nothing is going to stop you!!


I hope you have an amazing weekend, would love to hear what you get up to.

Message me at @bethanylarsen_ on Instagram xx

14 February 2020

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